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Hi there, I am Kobus. Welcome to my website and I hope that you will find the answers that you are looking for with all the information that I have put up on my site.

Hi, I am Kobus

So, who am I? I am just a regular guy who has spend endless hours of my life making money for other people. “They” used to be called my BOSS! Now a days though, I am doing that exact same thing for my self. I created this website to help other people like me, or at least who I used to be…….

“People working for a boss, to reach their goals of making money online and saying goodbye to the 9 to 5 way of life”

I have been working online for almost 3 years now and counting. I have come across and fallen for many SCAMS ONLINE! I have wasted so much money on buying programs from the “GURU’s” and almost bankrupted myself in the process. I am sure some of YOU reading this page can relate to that, right?

One thing I am glad about is that God has given me a talent, that talent is that “I do not QUIT”!

I have spend countless hours trying to figure out how other people are making money online so that I my self could reach that same DREAM! FINANCIAL FREEDOM!  Yes, it was not easy, I had to work hard, very hard and only made a few Dollars here and there.

I tried so many products and failed at most of them. I didn’t fail because I wasn’t following the programs or didn’t work hard enough, I failed because as time went by, I realized that these were mostly just scams. The one’s that were not scams, just didn’t give a person that “online marketing edge’ that you need to actually beat the competition on the internet to really earn money.


I do not QUIT!

Over time, working online I saw a growing trend. These people involved in this trend were making money, outshining the competition online and just growing and growing in stature. So, I started digging up the internet. One day I saw a lady’s website online and she was actually from my country. I picked up the phone and called her out of desperation…..

That phone call changed my LIFE!

She was so helpful and polite. She also pointed me in the right direction…….

That is the same direction that I want to point YOU into. You can follow this link to this awesome community and sign up for free with no obligations at all – Wealthy Affiliate. This is where I am spending most of my time, with online entrepreneurs! It is the Online Marketing program that I am following (My Personal Profile) which has enabled me to start earning Real Money Online. It is the most awesome online community with everything that you could ever need to make a success of your self online and with 10 000’s of people like me, who are willing to help YOU and share how they also became successful online.

I am now working full time from home:

  • I get to spend my time with my friends and family when ever I choose
  • I love Motor Sports and I spend my time on that as much as I can
  • I get to travel a lot
  • I get to do pretty much all the things I have always wanted to do


My personal skills:

Graphic Designing
Website Building in WordPress
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Oh, almost forgot, Couch Potato


Thats my life in a nutshell….. Without working for a boss because Life is just too short for that!!

Yes, YOU can too!

So again, I am Kobus and I am glad to meet you here! My aim is to help YOU become successful online too, with this website that I created and to help YOU avoid the NASTY SCAMS about making money online!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read more about me.

Your Friend 😉


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