What is Banners Broker Scam – My Full Review

The Product: Banners Broker – Scam ReviewBanners Broker Scam Review
This Products Price: Different packages for different applications (Very confusing)
Who Owns This Product: Chris Smith and Co Founder is David Hooker, Fraser Douther and Stephanie Schlacht ( ex Owners/Associates of Banner Brokers)
Here is the Website address: www.bannersbroker.com
Any Up-sells after Purchase: NO, just different packages that are very confusing
Readers Overall Rating: 0/100 SCAM Alert

Banners Broker Rating
A Pure Scam

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What is Banners Broker?

Firstly, Banners Broker is a scam. The program was designed for online businesses to grow their websites through a paid traffic system with banner ads. You basically signup for this program and then pay for “Fake Advertising”, as it turned out, to get more traffic to your website and obviously earn more money!

Now, they had a very confusing system which most people could not understand. You also had to dish out a large amount of money in order to join. The whole idea sounded great, because you can advertise your website through Google Ads, Bing Ads etc. as well. The thing is, these guys made false claims of the amounts of traffic that you could receive and also the income that you would receive.

You could signup as a Publisher, and Advertiser or you could buy the Ad-Pub package. As a publisher, you show ads on your site. As an Advertiser, you buy advertising space on other sites. The Ad-Pub package is so confusing, that very few people could make what it really was and Screwed badly by Banners Broker!

My PROS & CONS of Banners Broker

The Pros about Banners Broker was that almost every website on the net shows Banner Ads, so it could be good for your site to get more traffic. Unfortunately, the Cons were just stacking up against this advertising program.

 The Pros of Banners Broker

  • Lots of people click on Banner ads, they are seen all over the internet. (Good for additional traffic)
  • This system allowed the website owners to buy only the amounts of traffic that they wanted. (already weird)
  • In the system, there was options to upgrade your “Program” without having to spend to much money.
  • It has an affiliate program for you to earn money by getting people to sign up to Banners Broker.

 The Cons of Banners Broker

  • The fact that they don’t have merchant accounts Like PayPal etc. is a Big Warning sign!
  • They have dropped some of their payment options without giving anyone notice.
  • People have reported that they have not been payed their commissions since late 2012.
  • It’s such a complex and confusing system, that no one could really understand what they are actually buying.
  • The company was sold and it has been reported that the new owners are not real. It’s just a front to get in more suckers into their scam.

Who is Banners Broker for?

The advertising system from Banners Broker is for anybody who owns a website. You obviously advertise your business to get more visitors. If you just want to put ads on your site to earn revenue from the ads, you could do that as well. However, their system is so complicated that it is very difficult for people who are new to online advertising to understand what is going on here!

The Training / Tools overview of Banners Broker

Review of Wealthy Affiliate MembershipAs far as training for the Banners Broker system goes, it seems there is none. Most people have come to the conclusion that there is no training in order to keep people confused and guessing about what is actually going on. Which off course will lead to people getting even more ripped off!

The complexity of this system is very unique and you read below where I show you in more detail.

What is the Banners Broker Support like?

Mmmmm, what support? Banners Broker is known for having a very poor support structure. People have complained that they try and send emails from the contact form and then the emails just keep bouncing back. Even contacting the Affiliates who signed them up, could not help them with their issues and most of the time, they never even got any replies.

They are now actually closed!

So how much does Banners Broker  Cost?

They have 3 different Packages in Banners Broker.

  • The Publisher Account

This is where you can sign up to publish the Banner Brokers ads on your website to earn revenue from. The ads are not controlled and people where advertising all kinds of garbage on their sites, when the ads actually worked.

  • The Advertiser AccountAccount Levels of Banners Broker

This is where you could signup to advertise your website with them. This was a very complex setup and it just confused people. They had different Panels for you to buy ranging from $10 up to over $2000.00. The people who were showing ads on their sites, the Publishers, they got paid for impressions and not for Click throes as with other ads agencies.

  • The Ad-Pub PackageAd-Pub of Banners Broker

This was a package where you could signup to be both of the above. Basically meaning you gave them the right to SCREW you from both sides!  You would publish ads and then get paid for that and then you would also pay them to advertise with them! Only thing is, people never got paid by them, the publishers that is!

The whole system was setup with different color panels and you had to buy 1 color 1st and then earn ex amount of impressions before you could level up to another color level that would earn you more impressions and ultimately more revenue! Seriously?

Then, the Ad-Pub packages was so over priced, some of them running up to $11 000.00+!  See my image that I have added here.

My Overall Opinion of Banners Broker

Sorry to say but they were just a scam! Banners Broker was put together so complexly, that no person could really figure out what was going on! This is a typical SCAM method, where things are over complicated in order for people not to ask to many questions and just spend their money!

Also, many and I mean 10 000’s of people never got payed for either Publishing ads or the affiliate program that these guys ran. There are actually many SCAM report site out there that has dedicated them self’s in warning people about this.

Needless to say, their website is now closed! Thank God!

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My Banners Broker Rating

I do not Recommend this Banners Broker Product , it is a SCAM and they are Deservedly closed now


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