Bring The Fresh Scam Review

Bring The Fresh Scam ReviewThe Product: Bring The Fresh – Scam Review
This Products Price: a $7.00 – 7 Day Trial and  $89.00 for Lifetime Membership
Who Owns This Product: Kelly Felix
Here is the Website address:
Any Up-sells after Purchase: A Lot of up-sells, products, softwares and mentoring programs
Readers Overall Rating: 68/100

Bring The Fresh Rating

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What is Bring The Fresh?

Ok firstly, Bring the Fresh is not a scam! This product was created by Felix Kelly and another Business associate of his. They unfortunately split up in 2013 and Kelly has been running the show ever since. he is also known online as the “Rich Jerk” a program that Kelly also used to have.

This is one of the better affiliate marketing programs on the internet that you can buy. The great thing is that they actually update the program continuously when ever Goggle makes any changes. So the program is always up to date.This program is based on a ‘Website Building Software” which allows you to do everything needed to build an online business, quite simple and easily!

They have also changed the system from being a monthly membership to a once off payment Lifetime membership. Unfortunately, they also started adding some Questionable Up-Sells to the whole Bring the Fresh system.

Some of these up-sells will literally cost you an arm and a leg, especially the “Mentoring” courses which are $1000’s!! This type of product selling is really borderline SCAMMY in my opinion!

My PROS & CONS of Bring The Fresh

There’s a few Pros to Bring the Fresh but the product also has some  questionable CONS! Let’s have a look at these so you can have a better idea of what this product offer.

Professional, High Quality Training and Course Material
Detailed Training Examples that Outlines Every Step
Active Support from an Awesome Community

They do offer some good and up to date training materials, but some are questionably almost Blackhat tactics. They also have a nice forum for you to ask questions and get some help when needed.

 The Pros of Bring The Fresh

  • Easy to follow Video and PDF courses
  • Very simple and easy to use Website Building Software
  • A very supportive Forum for help and support
  • The owner is actually active in this forum
  • Product is always up to date with SEO standard from Google
  • You have a 60 Day money back Guarantee (This does leave some questions though)

 The Cons of Bring The Fresh

  • They don’t allow you try this product out for Free (Questionable)
  • You don’t get a Free website or any web hosting included like at Wealthy Affiliate
  • For the $89.00 Lifetime access, you get very limited access to what the whole program offers
  • They have become quite pushy in selling the up-sells (according to some complaints)
  • They have very expensive up-sells!!
  • They are selling very questionable Link building and Article Spinning software (Very bad for Google Rankings of a website)
  • Product software support is not very good

Who is Bring The Fresh for?

Money Back Guarantee - Bring The Fresh

Well, Bring the fresh is a Newbie friendly product. If you know nothing about website building, content writing, keyword research and affiliate marketing, then you will all about it. Because of the $7.00 Trial period with it’s money back guarantee, you can actually get to see what the whole program and product is about. They have some great Video tutorials (in webinar format) which will guide you all the way.

They claim it’s for anyone from any age. Just know that it’s still gonna take some serious effort on your be-halve to make this product work for you.

The Training / Tools overview of Bring The Fresh

When you have signed you are introduced to the Bring the Fresh Fast Start Guide. is a 50 page eBook that has all the necessary information that you need to get started with them. You can alternatively also watch the videos included in the product.

They have regular Webinars from which you can learn more about affiliate marketing and strategies to grow your online business. Their Software and Training courses are regularly updated to keep up with the demanding standards of SEO and online marketing.

There are quite a few additional tools and softwares that you can buy to further grow your business. Like the Links Building and Article creation software. However, if you are to be successful in online marketing and affiliate marketing, I don’t recommend such softwares. These types of softwares are the reason that Google, which is the most important search engine for online success, brings out new algorithm updates regularly.

What is the Bring The Fresh Support like?

20 000 Members at Bring The Fresh

Bring the Fresh has a direct Customer service page that you can use when you might have issues with any of the products offered. They also have a community support forum where you can ask your questions and get help if you get stuck with building your website. In this forum, there is quite a buzz and people are very willing to help out. There are also some informative discussions and articles that you can read about and and also join in. Kelly Felix does also make an appearance very now and then by answering some questions and offering help to the community within.

So how much does Bring The Fresh Cost?

Review of Wealthy Affiliate MembershipBring The Fresh does not offer a Free Account like Wealthy Affiliate. They also do not give you 2 Free Websites and training like Wealthy Affiliate. You can sign up at Bring the Fresh for a 7 Day Trial period for $7.00. Within that signup, they extend a Lifetime signup bonus for only $37.00. After which it will cost you $89.00 for the Lifetime Membership if you don’t take advantage of the Special Offer.

Even though, if you signup for the Lifetime Membership, you are still going to have to buy a lot of the Up-Sell products to be able to actually build you online business and grow it into a successful business. Affiliate marketing products are on offer as well for you to promote and sell. It is rather sad that you have to spend so much money additional to really make a success of you r business, because you do not get full access to the whole program.

This is a typical “GURU” type of to make extra money out of their clients. I’m sorry to say, I do not agree with these types of methods. Why do they have to try and milk you even more before you have actually tasted some kind of online success? That’s just wrong!

My Overall Opinion of Bring The Fresh

Well, it’s hard for me to say that I recommend this product to people, because there are some serious issues here. The fact that you pay for a Lifetime Membership and still have to spend $100’s to get all the necessary products to build a online business. also, the fact that they are encouraging Blackhat methods through selling you Automated Link Building and Article Creation and Spinning software. This is a big warning sign, as bad links and poor content WILL destroy your business in Google and related Search Engines before you even got started properly!

All in All, Kelly has a good system and product here, but unfortunately he has gone the root of the “GURU’S” and this is busy breaking down his business. So I do not recommend this product to anyone who is serious about building a sustainable long term business online.

My Bring the Fresh Rating

I do not Recommend this Product if you are serious about building an Online Business


What’s an Alternative then?

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  1. Gordi D.

    Don’t you just hate the upsells? To me, this is equvalent of “door crasher” specials in the store. They advertise super low price, only to find out they do not have the item, so you have to pay more for another item.

    1. Post
      Kobus Louw

      Hi Gordi, I agree with you 100%! I get so upset when I sign up for something and then you find you still need this and that etc! Feels like they are taking advantage of you! Thats why I am so impressed with Wealthy Affiliate!

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