Chris Farrell Membership Review – Is it a Scam?

Chris Farrell MembershipThe Product – Chris Farrell Membership Review – Is this a Scam?
This Products Price – $4.95 first week then $37 per month membership (unless you buy the $297 per year membership upfront – which is the same as the normal membership, you won’t get free hosting. You have to get hosting at Bluehost or Godaddy for example)
Who Owns This Product – Chris Farrell

Here is the Website address – Visit them here
Any Up-sells after Purchase – $497 Mentor Me Upgrade
Readers Overall Rating – 80/100


What is the Chris Farrell Membership?

With my Chris Farrell Membership review, I am happy to say that the Chris Farrell Membership is not a scam. Yes, it does have the typical “Sales Video” page, which is a trade of most online scams. But rest assured, Chris Farrell is a decent guy and is very active in this program. He tries to improve on his product as much as possible and he seems to be a very nice guy.

Basically, this program is a 21 day intensive training guide which teaches you all the basics that you would need to make money online. This is of course very good for someone who wants to learn how to make money online and work from home. It’s a really well put together program, once you start getting into the back-end of it. Unfortunately, it just does not compare to My and the Readers best advised program, Wealthy Affiliate. Lets just say, they are trying, but they still have a long way to go.


My PROS & CONS of Chris Farrell Membership

My rating for the 3 most important factors of a proper online training program.

Professional, High Quality Training and Course Material 60/100

Detailed Training Examples that Outlines Every Step 40/100

Active Support from an Awesome Community 10/100

The overall system lacks a bit in all departments to be honest.


The Pros of Chris Farrell Membership
  • It’s not expensive to get started with this program
  • You don’t need any websites building experience as they supply easy to use templates
  • The 21 day course is broken up into daily video tutorials and manuals
  • It has an “OK” support system


The Cons of Chris Farrell Membership
  • This program does not have a Free Trial
  • They don’t really explain the amount of time you would have to invest on this program
  • It doesn’t have that “Real” Owner and Community Support that you’d expect
  • The program offers “Extras” which are not included in the normal monthly membership.
  • $497 4-week fast track 1/1 coaching


Who is the Chris Farrell Membership for?

This program is most Definitely for Beginners. They Chris Ferrel program concentrates mostly on “Ho to Setup a Domain”, “How to Get a Domain” and “How to setup a Domain” and so on. For people who are not very clued up with the technologies of today, this is great.

The whole Chris Farrel program is setup for any Beginner to understand and they show you how to do everything with a very easy to follow, step by step system. In today’s online marketing and earning money online world, it’s a Must to have your own website. They do seem to be concentrating on this aspect and they supply you with the necessary Website Templates for this. They do try to cater for further developing your website and hosting needs in this program.


The Training / Tools overview of the Chris Farrell Membership

The Chris Farrell Membership is where you will get the 21 Day Training Modules consisting of Daily How to Videos and Manuals. Here are some of the topics that are covered in the training courses:

You start off with the “21 Days to Success” starter pack. It covers all the basic internet tips on “how to” build a websites, get hosting and how to use FTP Client, edit pictures, putting an email campaign together and an introduction to SEO and website analysis.

There are also tutorials on basic keyword research, video marketing and much more. This all good basic information that Newbies can learn from at the Chris Farrell Membership.But if you want some more advanced materials, you can find that elsewhere on the internet. This program is designed to get those unfamiliar with making money online, started.


 What is the Chris Farrell Support like?

Well, this a bit of a sad point for the Chris Farrell program. The Forums of the program pretty much only covers the basic questions. Unfortunately, if you are searching for anything specific, you are gonna be left high and dry. Also, it seems that most of the time if you launch a question, the “Under Qualified” newbies are the ones responding to it.

There is a Support Phone Number, which you are inspired to use, but most people complain so much about the the lack of Support from that Number. This leaves serious question marks concerning the Cris Farrell product support system. Their support is better than some other online products but it just doesn’t cut it. You will be left Struggling for Help!


So how much does the Chris Farrell Membership Cost?

The program has an initial Trail Membership, which costs $4.95 for the first week and you then get billed $37 p/month after that. You can cancel that, but then you lose the “Whole Membership Support” They also don’t disclaim that you will have to spend extra money on a Website Domain, which depends on the name itself, can cost you up To $14+ p/year.

  • Keep in mind, unless you buy the $297 per year membership upfront – which is the same as the normal membership but has free website hosting, you won’t get the free hosting. You have to get hosting at Bluehost or Godaddy for example. That becomes expensive!

They also this $497 Mentor Me program, ($497 4-week fast track 1/1 coaching 
(incl. yearly membership) which they really try to force you to buy, which is one of those typical “GURU” type of sales tactics! As far as I can tell, that Mentor Me program itself is not worth it! Don’t waste your money!


My Overall Opinion of Chris Farrel Membership

This is only for Beginners in the internet marketing world. The problem though, it’s covering only the basics and you will quickly be able to “Grow” out of the product. The product has the easy to follow video tutorials and manuals, but they are not regularly updated and could leave you hanging with doubt about certain aspects of website creation.

The cost of this product is ok, considering what it offers relatively to the same kind of products on the internet. Unfortunately, that $997 Mentor Me up-sell means that you only get the basics of internet marketing.

My Chris Farrell Rating 80/100


 This Program is Legit, but it will not get you where Wealthy Affiliate can get you


What’s an Alternative then?

The No.1 Online Business Program and Community

Why don’t you take a minute and READ my Wealthy Affiliate Review and See how I Make Money Online

My Wealthy Affiliate Review

If you are serious about really becoming successful online, you can Read Above How I Make Money Online. It’s an Up to Date system that Really Works. With over 200 000 Community Members who are always willing to Help and Support me and others as well 😉





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I like to do Product Reviews, in order for You to make an informed Decision about these products! I hope to help YOU Avoid the SCAMS on the internet!


If you have Any Questions with regards to Chris Farrell Membership, Please Leave a Comment Below and let’s discuss it, just keep it “Civil” please 🙂

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Kobus LouwChris Farrell Membership Review – Is it a Scam?
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  1. Corrisa

    Very good info on CFM. Wealthy Affiliate along with CFM are only a handful of paid courses I recommend for anyone looking to get started making money online. You did a good job explaining the pros and cons of this program Kobus!

    Keep writing those great reviews.


    1. Post
      Kobus Louw

      Wow, thanks Corissa! I am very grateful for the compliments. I do try and give as much detail on each review as I can! Yes, me as well, but the way I see it, why should anyone even bother with any of the other programs? Wealthy Affiliate is the only complete and affordable program with no hidden up-sells and costs and stuff! Thank you again and keep well!

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