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Are you still using Jaaxy Free Keyword ToolGoogle’s Free Keyword Tool that only has very “Average” search term stats? I would like to introduce you to an awesome Free Keyword Tool that will help you to find those Important Money Keywords.

The problem with the Google Free Keyword Tool is that it gives average stats for keywords. This means that it might show you that the competition on a word is low, but what is the QSR (Quoted Search Results) of that word actually? This is an important feature that Google leaves out.

My personal believe is that they do this on purpose, in order for to draw in more people to advertise with them. Leaving out that STAT, can cause you to spend $1000’s of dollars on advertising or build a website around an idea that is actually Highly Competitive. If a keyword is to competitive, then you will most likely end up not ranking well for that word and you will not get the proposed visitors from Google or other Search Engines.

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When choosing a Free Keyword Tool:

Jaaxy Free Keyword Tool Signup You must get these very Important Metrics in order to get Quality, Money words from your Free Keyword Tool:

  • The Monthly Searches.


This is the amount of searches for a word in the search engines. Always try to find keywords with good amounts of traffic, 1500 and above, but with very low competition. Especially if you are trying to rank naturally in the search engines.

  • The KQI (Keyword Quality Index) of a word.


For marketing campaigns like PPC, SEO and so on, you need a Tool that will give you instant Keyword Quality Stats. This will minimize your research time and get you going quickly through valuable and less valuable words.

  • The QSR (Quoted Search Results) of a word.


The most important and Ultimate search term Metric that you need! This metric states the most important part of a search term, the amount of Direct Competition in the search engines. Ideally you want this QSR number to be under 400. If you want to play it safe, keep this metric under 300 QSR for any search term that you want to build a page around!

  • The SEO Power of a word.


This metric will confirm if a search term will actually get rankings within the search engines. Basically, if you can rank well, page 1 or 2 for a search term, then you will get descent amounts of traffic and you will be able to monetize your website and earn good money!

So, what Free Keyword Tool am I talking about?

The Jaaxy Free Keyword Tool! Here is the Free Keyword Tool that will give You all the necessary Stats that you might need and so much more!

Why do I recommend this Tool

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