How to Get Started Online

How to get started online can be a daunting task if you don’t know how or where to begin!How to get started online

Have you tried to make money online before? Have you failed trying to make money on the internet? Whether your answer is YES or NO, I have GOOD NEWS for you. Read through this page and you will see by the end of it how easy it is to become successful on the internet if you are following a Proper and Legitimate Program.

I have been working online now for 3 years. My areas of expertise are Building Websites, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Marketing and Graphic Designing. I have how ever also bought into so many scams, to the point where it became ridiculous! All I wanted was to learn how to get started online and how people make a living online, like that was too much to ask for. Anyways, I wasted so much money and almost bankrupted myself in the process.

So, if that sounds familiar to you and you are also tired of being ripped off, do not despair, I am here to HELP YOU too! I will guide you, in this page, to a sure way of understanding of how to get started online and become successful on the internet!

To the point where you won’t need a day job anymore and you can set your self up for a Financial Freedom type of life style, SO READ ON!

My Guide on How To Get Started Online

In my many endeavors, I have found that success online is a result of having 4 very important things!

  • SO, what are the Four things that people who are successful on the internet have in common?

This a question that I have for people who are struggling to get started online so they can earn money. Over time, as I was struggling to earn money online and everything that I tried pretty much failed or just ended up costing me a fortune, instead of paying me a fortune, I came to realize this!

Firstly, these people actually found out how to get started online, The Right Way. Yes, some very successful people did also “pay some school fees” before they wised up and started doing things the right way!

The successful people online all have a structure to which they work:

They all share this simple, yet very effective 3 rule structure

  • All These People have  – HELP

So many people give up on trying to make it online because they get stuck or feel like they have reached a dead end. That is the worst thing for me and I was in that boat quite a few times in my life! Everyone needs a support structure where they can ask for help when they need it. Most online products does not have these support structures in place! Many of them do not even have anybody to contact if you get stuck, which is really bad!

  • These People all have their  – OWN Websites

So many, so called “GURU’s” sell concepts of “how to get started online” and where you can apparently make ridiculous amounts of money without having your own website. Unfortunately, these are normally those “Flavor of the Month” type of success stories which are usually very short lived. Seriously, really short lived!

It might sound hectic now, but don’t be alarmed at all! Its very easy to get started online and create your own website. It is such a simple thing to do, that you can literally have your own website build, by your self, very quickly. The best part is, I will show you how to get started online and how you can build a website for Free! Yes, for Free!

You can literally get started online today and build a website without spending a cent of your money. This website will be the 1st step that you can take in changing your online failures into online success!

  •  These People are willing to LEARN and then PRACTICE what they’ve Learned

The reality of the matter is that you have to learn new things to be able to do new things. Some people don’t like learning new things, but if you don’t, then how will you be able to do more things?

To get started online – It’s a simple concept to understand:

A child that wants to be good in sports, say like motor racing, has to learn how to drive. When I was a kid, I was lucky to have a Go Kart with bumpers for safety and could only do a few mph, which in hind site was a good thing, lol. I used to sit on my dads lap with my hands on his to learn how to use the steering wheel.

Eventually the same for the throttle and the brakes as well. So, with Help from my dad, I Learned to drive and by Practicing regularly, I was able to drive faster and faster, without even thinking of when to brake, when to turn the wheel or apply the throttle.

Without stressing about how everything worked through Practicing a lot, I was able to drive and enjoy driving! Hence my Love for motorsport!

You see now, it’s so simple! Yet some people stress out about the whole idea of having to learn something new and actually having to apply all that they have learned on a regular basis.

This is how to get started online today and build a website with no money

By now I reckon that you have figured out how to get started online is actually easy. A very important aspect to success is that you need Training, Help and your own Website! I wrote this page to help people to understand how to get started online but most importantly, I want to point people in the right direction to avoid nasty scams.

This is what you will receive when you Signup Here For Free, with no obligations, what so ever, to buy anything at all!

  • You can hook up with me and get Personal Help from me (My Username: Kobus Louw)
  • You will also get help within the Community of Thousands of people
  • There is a Live Chat Support as well
  • You can partake in loads of on Topic Discussions
  • There are Loads of “How to” Video Classes
  • Also, all the Tutorials are Video based and Written
  • There are Full training Video Courses
  • And there are  Classrooms which you can join for More Training and Understanding
  • You get 2 x completely functional Free WordPress Sites with Free Hosting
  • The hosting platform is known for its outstanding Speed and Reliability and helps YOUR New Websites to get the rankings it deserves
  • You can Get Started Online Today!


Isn’t that just awesome, you get all of that for FREE and get taught by Successful Experts how to get started online. There are no Credit Card details needed, no hidden costs down the line what so ever! It is absolutely FREE @ $0.00 !

This is really the Only Bootstrapping way that I have seen where you truly get all of the above mention stuff for Free. The training is really up to date and very informative. The Community Members, 500 000 +, are always willing to help and very friendly. There is just no comparison to these guys.

  • Just a mention though, there is also a Premium Member option which you really should think about for the future, because it will open up so much more than you ever could have expected or imagined. More In depth Training, More Help and Private Website Hosting with Unlimited Websites.

Have a look at this image below to see how you can Signup for Free and just Follow the Instructions on that page and get started online today.

Alt Text

Does it make sense now on how to get started online, the right way? You can literally get start online today to change your Financial Future and you can start out completely for Free.

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I like to do Product Reviews, in order for You to make an informed Decision about these products! I hope to help YOU Avoid the SCAMS on the internet!


If you have any Questions with regards on how to get started online, Please feel free to leave a Comment below. I want to help YOU too, like I have helped other people 🙂

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  1. Neil

    Getting started online is a massive obstacle for many newcomers because they just don’t know where or how to start.

    You have put together a great in depth post to help push people towards the right direction in starting up a new online business.

    Cheers 🙂


    1. Post
      Kobus Louw

      Hey Neil, yes, some people do think that it’s very difficult but in fact it’s very easy! I hope to inspire more people to start off in the right way and skip all the Frustrations that I went through before I came across Wealthy Affiliate! 🙂

  2. Ares Lion

    Good stuff to know. Made me today a bit more educated in this direction and I thank you for that.
    Keep up the great posts 🙂

    Your friend, Ares Lion.

    1. Post
  3. Abigail

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge on creating on online business. It can be overwhelming for anyone, especially in the beginning. I find taking small steps towards goals and having access to great training very helpful.

    Wealthy affiliate has been wonderful assistance for me and I don’t think I could have accomplished so much so fast without them. I recommend anyone thinking about giving them a go to. Best wishes.

    1. Post
      Kobus Louw

      Great Abigail! I am glad to help! Yes, people can get overwhelmed and I think that’s why people fall for these “Get Rich Quick’ schemes where they tell you that you don’t have to work, it’s all on auto pilot! But that’s just a sales gimmick! Keep well!

  4. Mark

    It is so easy for newcomers to get sucked into the wrong thing. So many promises for easy money if you’ll just spend a couple a hundred more. That’s the great thing about WA. It is so affordable, there’s no upsells, and the education blows away the competition. Blessings brother!


    1. Post
      Kobus Louw

      Yes mark, I do agree on that! If just more can realize that WA is the way to go! My experience with has been awesome in the time I have been there! Blessings to you too! 😉

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