How to start a Website for FREE

A lot of people ask how to start a website for free. Most people want to know if you can really get a website for free and earn money from it. Yes is the answer to that. In this short write up I am going to show you exactly how and where you can get a free website. I will also cover some basics of you can monetize that website and earn money from it!

This is how to start a Website for Free

Now, this is how to start a website for free that will get ranked well in the search engines and get you some good traffic. By the way, there is not point in building a website that does not get any traffic. Traffic meaning, people who actually find your website through the search engines and then visits your website.

Firstly, we have to do a few things before we start to build our website:

  • You must choose a niche.
  • You have to find the “Money” keywords for that niche. (For topics to write about for your visitors to read)
  • Find Affiliate Products to add to your website and earn money from them.
  • You then need to choose a website name that corresponds with your niche.
  • Then we need to host the website name with a Free Website Hosting service.

How to start a website for free and Choosing your Niche

Choosing a Niche means choosing a Category on the internet which is formed by a group of people. This is actually easy, but some people get very confused about it. A niche is simply put, a group of people who are interested in a specific subject. Think of a subject that you are interested in or a hobby that you are interested in and which you have some knowledge of! I like Cars and Motor racing so I want a website that showcases Sports cars of all sorts.

So I have chosen my niche:

  • Sports Cars and Racing.

How to start a website for free and Keyword Research

Now I have to start doing some keyword research about Sports Car and Racing for topics to write about:

(Always remember to find Low Competition keywords with reasonable Monthly Traffic/Searches)

  • sports car racing.
  • compare sports car.
  • sports car supplies.
  • honda sports car.
  • british sports cars.
  • cool sports cars.
  • top 10 sports cars.
How to start a website for free and Finding Affiliate Programs to promote

Now that we have our first few keywords that we can write about, we need to find some Affiliate Programs that we can earn money from. After doing a bit research in Google, I found a few Affiliate Programs that I can signup to and promote on my website. The search term I used in Google is: sports car racing affiliate products


So, I will signup to these Affiliate programs and choose my preferred method that I want to get paid by and get my affiliate links that my visitors can click. These are to take them to these Affiliate Products and when they buy something, I will get paid a commission from these products.

How to start a website for free and Choosing a niche related website name

So, I have decided on my niche of Sports Cars and Racing. Now if you choose a website name, you want to choose a name that corresponds with this Niche Topic. I mean, you can’t choose a name that doesn’t relate to Sports cars because then people will not visit you website. Say you chose a name “Peter’s cooking corner” and your website is about Sports cars, then it just wont work well in the search engines.

So I am choosing the name after a long deliberation of various names: “Top Sports Cars and Racing”

How to start a website for free and Choosing a Proper Free Hosting Service

How to start a website for free can be difficult if you choose the wrong Hosting Provider. There are many Free Hosting services but many of them do not Concentrate on the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aspect of websites. If your website is not SEO Optimized you will not get good rankings for your website! If you do not get good rankings in the search engines, then you will not get the desired traffic/visitors to your site which means you wont earn money from your site! That then makes it kind of a waste of time and effort!

My #1 Preferred Free Hosting Provider is SiteRubix. They also use WordPress as their Website Building Platform which has 1 000’s of Free Templates to choose from. WordPress is the preferred Platform for Professional Website Building all around the world. They are powered by Wealthy Affiliate which is the #1 Work From Home and Online Business program in the world. They Have over 500 000 Members, including me, who are all part of a community who are earning money online.

Now we head over to and see if our website / domain name is available. Just type in your website name in like this:

  • topsportscarsandracing (no characters or spacing)
  • top-sports-cars-and-racing (or with a hyphen separating each word)


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