Predator by George Brown Scam Review

The Product: Predator by George Brown Scam ReviewGoogle Sniper 2.0 Google sniper 3.0Predator By George Brown Scam Review
This Products Price: $795.00
Who Owns This Product: George Brown’s
Here is the Website address:
Any Up-sells after Purchase: Google Sniper 2.0, Traffic Ultimatum
Readers Overall Rating: 0/100 Scam Alert

George Brown's Predator Rating
A Pure Scam

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What is Predator by George Brown?

The Predator System By George Brown, who also owns Google Sniper 2.0 and Google sniper 3.0 is an Automated Email collecting software. George Brown’s Predator software will collect emails from various websites and social media platforms which can be used then to send Product Offers to theses emails. Basically, this is a spam email piece of software! It will send automated email promotions to all the email addresses that it finds on the web.

This Is Illegal!

My PROS & CONS of Predator by George Brown

There are now Pros about Predator by George Brown. The CONS are tremendous thought!

 The Pros of Predator By George Brown

  •  Oops! Nothing to report here! Seems Georgie boy has become a scammer too!

 The Cons of Predator by George Brown

Review of Wealthy Affiliate Membership

  • The price of $795.00. 🙁
  • The product doesn’t work!
  • It’s illegal to do this type of thing!
  • The fact that he claimed the sales of this through a LIVE Webinar (Was Pre Recorded)
  • 100’s of people bought this product that doesn’t even work!
  • 100’s of people who cannot get their money back!
  • No support system in place for people who can’t get the product to work or want refunds!

Who is Predator by George Brown for?

Nobody! Please don’t buy this product, you are going to be sorry! Just like 100’s of other people, because it’s a piece of software that does illegal stuff and it doesn’t even work!

What is the Predator Support like?

It does not seem to exist! People are complaining everywhere that they can’t get help and also can’t get their money back!

So how much does Predator Cost?

Way way too much! For the amount of money that you must spend to buy this product, you can get 2 Full years of Premium Membership and Unlimited website Hosting at the #1 Work from Home System in the world!

My Overall Opinion of Predator

This is an OUR RIGHT SCAM!!

My George Brown's Predator Rating

I do not Recommend this Predator by George Brown Product , it is a SCAM


What’s an Alternative then?

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Kobus LouwPredator by George Brown Scam Review

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      Kobus Louw

      Yea Noel, I agree! Life has been bliss since I found them! No more guessing work for me in building websites! There are just so many scams out there like this Predator system.

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