Revstar Global Scam Review

The Product: Revstar Global Scam ReviewBanners Broker Scam ReviewRevstar Global Scam Review
This Products Price: Free, $39.00 Trial Pack and $99.00 p/month
Who Owns This Product: Co Founder is David Hooker, Fraser Douther and Stephanie Schlacht ( ex Owners/Associates of Banner Brokers)
Here is the Website address:
Any Up-sells after Purchase: Yes, many!! CPP Program – $250, $500 and $1000 for various membership levels and higher commission rates
Readers Overall Rating: 0/100 SCAM Alert

Revstar Global Rating
A Pure Scam

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What is Revstar Global?

Firstly, Revstar Global is a SCAM! It was made by The Banners Broker guys! Be warned, I have told you now, so you now know that it is a scam!

This is another Scam Master Piece by the same people who used to own (associated people from) Banners Broker, David Hooker and Fraser Douther. He is renowned for being involved in HYIP – High-Yield Investment Programs.

Revstar Global brought out this new program towards the end of 2013 and are continuing with their online schemes after they have already Scammed so many people with Banners Broker which is now still taking peoples money but are not paying out commissions anymore! One of their products called Revstar Hosting is also registered to Stephanie Schlacht (ex Banners Broker associate) but was under the same address as Banners Broker though and recently changed, as people started to figure this out.

So, Revstar Global promises to be a Class Leader and Innovator of the “Home Business”. They have an “Affiliate” system to which you can sign up and under which you can sign up more “Affiliates”. They have a whole “New’ Product Range from Globally Renowned Companies (the usual smoke screen for a PONZI Scheme). You can buy products from them and the person who has Invited you to sign up will then get a 10% commission on the retail value of that product or total orders. This is then the same when your “Affiliates” buy products from them.

When you sign up for Free you get a Free Website (pre-build) with hosting from Revstar Hosting, to promote your “online business” to get more “Affiliates” to sign up under your name. Even if you never up grade your account, after the 14 day Trial Period of Commission Boosts, you still get to keep your website.

What is a ‘HYIP’: Operators generally set up a website offering an “investment program” which promises very high returns and have global partnerships with renowned companies.

I will explain this more in detail further down.

My PROS & CONS of Revstar Global

Ok, so at this stage, it Seems there are really good PROS about the Revstar Global but there are also some ALARMING CONS about this new online business or work from home system.

 The Pros of Revstar Global

  • Free Registration apparently (Was Invitation Only when I tried to sign up)
  • Very good commissions from Affiliates (They claim that)
  • When you register for FREE you will receive a Free Website from their Client RevStar Hosting
  • They have loads of products that are advertised on Consumer TV channels

 The Cons of Revstar Global

  • The up-sells of Revstar Global will cost you  $1000.00’s
  • If you don’t buy the up-sells, you won’t earn much
  • You have to spend more than $47.00 per month on products to keep your account active
  • They have very DODGY products
  • They promise of partners with Globally Renowned Companies, but fail to give any names (Typical Ponzi Scheme Sales Pitch)
  • The commission earning structure is very confusing and they use very “Weird” terminology to describe the levels of earning
  • Just to many more to mention

Who is Revstar Global for?

Revstar Global is for anybody who wants to earn extra money online. You do not have to have any previous experience with internet marketing. At the price of some of the up-sells that they have, I’d say you have to be really well off, cash wise, to buy into it.

In plain words, they want DUMB people to sign up who will fall for all of the garbage they are selling! The terribly confusing commission structure is enough to confuse anybody and it will leave you wondering what you will actually earn, unless your a Dummy of course!

 The Training / Tools overview of Revstar Global

It is a bit unclear still about all the training and tools that Revstar Global provides. I can however confirm the following:

They give you a website and they supply “traffic chains” and all sort of stuff to run this website and make make money. They also have you in a structure with the necessary tools to track you “Affiliates”Affiliate Products at Revstar Global and Sales.

The Ranks and monetary Generations:

  • Affiliate- sponsor 2 you get paid 2 levels
  • Regional-sponsor 4 you get paid 4 levels
  • National- sponsor 6 you get paid 6 levels
  • International- sponsor 8 you get paid 8 levels
  • Global- sponsor 12 you get paid on all 10 levels

Once you have joined Revstar Global you will have access to their clients products and services:

  • Jiggy Bids online penny auction
  • Casino Dreamscapes
  • Warrantys R Us
  • Easy Online Accounting
  • Revstar Hosting
  • Jet Setter Dating

Like I said, it is all very confusing and unclear of exactly what the whole program is about.

What is the Revstar Global Support like?

Basically, the Revstar Global support is almost as bad as what the Banners Broker support was. The only thing is, they actually seem to want to help you out this time round in their responses, but don’t expect miracles from their support center.

Their contact details for Revstar Global are:

International Head Office (Belize)
P.O. Box 1842
Belize City, Belize
Central America (Very BIG WARNING SIGN)

You can also contact them at:

So how much does Revstar Global Cost?

Review of Wealthy Affiliate Membership

  •  Free Account

You can register for a free account to get more info and see what is the workings of Revstar Global. You get a Free pre-build website included and get Sales and Commission Boosts for 14 days. If you don’t upgrade after that period, you get to keep the website.

  • a $39.00 30 Day Trial Pack

This is the upgraded version of the Revstar Hosting with a editable website and the hosting is included. You also get the RevStar Global Tour Marketing System (basic version) and the 30 day complete calculating banked commissions package. You are also placed in the $99.00 monthly product purchase program automatically.

  • $99.00 Business Basic Program

You get one (1) unit in the Corporate Performance Pool (regularly $250.00). You get into the  Customer Acquisition Program for Free. 125 pre-paid bids for Jiggy Bids, RevStar Hosting website package with the $249.00 Premium Track IT software from Easy Online Accounting. You will also get Full commission programs and payouts weekly or monthly. The RevStar Global Tour Marketing System (basic version) is also included. They will also give you a Regional Rank for your first 60 days to help and boost your business.

The whole commission structure is very confusing and it includes things like:

  • Retail Customer Commissions (additional 10% commission into the 4×10 Level Affiliate Bonus Plan)
  • The Ninety (90) Day Jump Start Program (90 day bonus will be paid based on your “paid” position in the Matrix)
  • 3-4×10 Level Affiliate Bonus Plan: Paid Monthly (affiliate monthly product purchases will be placed into the 4×10 Matrix Bonus Plan)
  • Customer Purchase Program (CPP) (supply affiliates with a state of the art Customer Acquisition Program (CAP))

Prices for the Revstar Global CPP program

  • $250.00 gives you 1 unit and $125.00 in prepaid bids for Jiggy bids. (Pays a 10% retail commission to the sponsor and 10% goes in the matrix)
  • $500.00 gives you 3 units and $250.00 in prepaid bids for Jiggy bids
  • $1000.00 gives you 10 units and $500.00 in prepaid bids for Jiggy bids.

Example of units broken down to weekly:

If the revenue pool is 250K for the week and there are 25,000 active units held by affiliates that week each unit would then have a value of 250,000 divided by 25,000 = $10.00. If you hold 75 active units that week you would receive 75 x $10.00 = $750.00 for the week. The larger the revenue the larger the unit value becomes. These bonuses are paid weekly with weekly commissions. (Note: you cannot maintain a bank until the expiration day). You can also purchase other co-op packs anytime.

How confusing is all of that not? This is such a SCAM, its written all over this thing!!

My Overall Opinion of Revstar Global

This program of Revstar Global with all of it’s confusing commission structure and many expensive up-sells has SCAM Written all over it!


All Ponzi schemes eventually crashes and so will this one. It was created by the previous owners/associates of Banner Broker which crashed as well. So be warned.


My Swagbucks Rating

I do not Recommend this Revstar Global Product , it is a SCAM


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