Empower Network Review – Many Complaints about this Scam

The Empower Network Scam Review

Empower Network Review –  Is it a scam with all the complaints!
This Products Price – $25 p/m Basic Membership
Who Owns This Product – David Sharpe & David Wood

Here is the Website address – www.empowernetwork.com
Any Up-sells after Purchase – $100 p/m Inner Circle Account, an e-Wallet $19 Payment, a $500 Costa Rica Intensive Program, another $1,000 15K Formula Program, $3,500 Empower Network Master’s Retreat Program
Readers Overall Rating – 10/100 SCAM Warning

Empower Network Rating

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What is the Empower Network, a Scam?

The big question is, is the Empower Network a scam, and why so many complaints?

In my review I will outline everything you get and have to pay for to be part of this community. One thing you need to keep in mind, there are so many unhappy people and I am gonna show you why. A lot of People have been convinced that this is actually a real opportunity to make money online. In actual fact, it’s only because of the way it’s been promoted all over! There are so many who are very very unhappy with the Empower Network and I hope to give you a better idea whether this product is for you or not!

I suppose that you are reading this review of mine because at some point you might have been subjected to these Slimy Guys at EM. The way they promote and literally smear it off on people are ridiculous, especially for what you actually get.

  • $44.95 per month
  • 1 website
  • Thousands of Dollars for extra training
  • No live support
  • You pay to be part of their Affiliate program

These are the just some of the makings of a terrible online product and it’s all the warning signs of a True SCAM!

My PROS & CONS of the Empower Network

From what I can tell you, there are no REAL Pros to the Empower Network. The Cons are so ridiculous, unfortunately they are very well disguised! Instead of normal and typical MLM products, like Amway, Herbalife etc, the Empower Network doesn’t have a real product behind them! What they try you to do is to sell this “Idea” which they pull you in with, to other people and so you build a down-line to earn commission from!

Professional, High Quality Training and Course Material
Detailed Training Examples that Outlines Every Step
Active Support from an Awesome Community

You, the person who buys into the Empower Network, you are the product! You give them money and they let you in on how you can CON others to also buy in, that’s how you will earn commissions. So your just selling an “Idea” and they show you how to do that. Yes, you get a blog, but that’s for you to sell this “Idea” with.

 The Pros of the Empower Network

  •  There is nothing to mention here! Sorry!

 The Cons of the Empower Network

  • There is no Free Trial (should be a Warning to anyone)
  • You get 1 website/blog (but you never own it or the content you add to it)
  • It has loads of up-sells
  • You must pay them $19 p/month in order for you to get paid your commissions
  • You have no live support
  • You cannot get in touch with the owners
  • It will cost you a $150 per month minimum if you want to succeed
  • Loads of Complaints all over the internet

Who is the Empower Network for?

Well, according to them, pretty much anybody. The Empower Network though needs you to be a ruthless, hard selling sales person. They give you the idea that this is a simple “Auto Pilot” way of making money online. No hard work, not much money and everyone makes loads of money! That’s just typical “GURU” talk.

If you understand how a Pyramid Scheme works, then you can understand how Empower Network works. The guys at the top sells the product, in this case an “Idea” to you. You sell it to someone, they sell it to some else again. So, the Owners gets the money, you get a commission per sale and then a smaller commission from the people who you sold this “Idea” to, when make any sales!

See, it’s a Pyramid Scam / Ponzi Scheme effect going on here. The only real money earners in this are the owners them selves! But this whole equation gets even more ridiculous and confusing when you really dig into it! It’s enough to confuse anybody out there. so, why sell something that you are never really sure of how much you are going to earn? The empower Network SCAM!!

The Training / Tools overview of the Empower Network

The training and tools that is supplied within the Empower Network, is really not very good. They have loads of Videos and Audio’s etc, but at a ridiculous price! $5000.00 plus will get you all of the training programs that they have.

That’s just where the whole scam comes in.

The people above you in Empower will pressure you to go “All in” as they call it. And these a very good reason for that. If you don’t actually buy these ridiculous training programs, then they won’t be making any money from you. People have reported that they get Called Names etc. and then get shunned to the side for not going “All in”. This is how Empower Network Affiliates make money! They sell the “Idea” to you, them almost force you to buy every program available and if you don’t, you get shunned to the side and they move on!

Thats what the expensive training is all about! They will try to teach you to become a ruthless sales person with no ethical boundaries! Are YOU that type of person? I don’t think so. Why don’t you have a look here at an Ethical way of earning a long term online income.

What is the Empower Network Support like?

Support? What’s that? This is something that is completely missing within the Empower Network. There is a bit of support from you “Sponsors” but that’s it! You will never be helped by the owners them self’s. They are actually active in EM, but that’s just with product promotion and pushing people to sell more!

So, if you are looking for a product with support, this is not it. I also do not recommend any products that has no “Live Support” in any way and especially if you cannot get in touch with the owner or owners at least!

So how much does the Empower Network Cost?

The Empower Network EVN2 Blogging Platform

  • The New ENV2 Blogging Platform (Blog Beast) is $25 p/month

That’s the Basic account they have for you to be part of Empower Network. This Blog is hosted on their servers and that is bad. Their servers are being market for spam all over the internet, which means your blog will never achieve any good results within the search engines. This Blog is also the property of Empower Network and very thing that you add to it. (It’s in their term and conditions) This basically means that don’t actually get anything for your $25.00.

Review of Wealthy Affiliate MembershipIf you want to sign up just to get the blog, there are many better ways to get your OWN Blog or Website up and running and it’s for free! You will own it, you will own the content as well!

  • The outrageous $19.99 p/ month e-Wallet

You have to pay for their payment processor, in order for you to get paid! This is the most ridiculous thing ever.

  • The $100.00 p/month Inner Circle

All you get for this is some more “Training Audios” which are not really of any real benefit. You also don’t get any better support by buying this up-sell. But, what it is actually for is for you to be able to earn higher commissions on your sales! How terrible is that not? All this just to sell that empty “Idea” to more people!!

  • The $500.00 ‘once off” Costa Rica Intensive Course

Just another business incentive where they try to force to sell Empower Network on a long term business scheme! It’s basically a bunch of videos that you get for this program up-sell

  • The $1000.00 “once off” 15K Formula Course

Yet another bunch of seriously long videos, 9 of them in total. Here they try to teach you how to promote Empower Network on social websites like Facebook, YouTube etc. The funny thing is, they have been banned from Facebook, YouTube and related social networks. They are probably the 1st company that has been officially banned from Social Networks! That is one very big WARNING SIGN!

  • The $3500.00 “once off” Master Retreat Course

Seriously? That much money to be become an “Elite” scammer? In this course you will receive 41 Videos, for some reason the have very little to do with actually building a business. That’s right, they were “apparently” recorded at the Empower Network retreat! Whether that’s true or not? They are mostly motivational videos, in order to inspire people to sell more. The only reason they push you to buy this is in order for your “sponsors” to earn more commissions off you!

My Overall Opinion of the Empower Network

Well, what can I say about The Empower Network, other than STAY AWAY from it! They sell you the $25.00 idea of an online business, but there is no “REAL PRODUCT” that you are selling! All the training revolves around how you need to sell more of EM to other people out there. Once you have bought in to it, you get pushed to go “ALL IN” as they call it. If you don’t, people actually get nasty to you and people have reported of being called a “Wussy” by their sponsors.

See these real complaint that I found about the Empower Network:

Thats just to mention some of the bad rap that these guys are receiving from people.

My Empower Network Rating

Sorry, I cannot Recommend this Product to Anyone


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