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Ways to Avoid Scams Online

In My post of Ways to Avoid Scams OnlineWays to Avoid Scams Online - My Internet Marketing Corner 02 I am going to out line some important aspects to look at! When you want to buy an online product, there are always some tell tale signs if the product is a scam or not.

So many people get scammed online and I will admit, I have been scammed too! So follow these ways to avoid scams online and protect your self. I also bought some products which were not scams but ended up not really producing what was promised. Especially in the category of Working from Home Jobs and Earning Money Online.

Being a victim of online scams and eventually finding a real product that works, to create an online business, is why I decided to build this website. I really want to help people to avoid scams online because it is so unnecessary and it just plainly SUCKS!!

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Here are some Ways to Avoid Scams Online

I will now show you some ways to avoid scams online as from what I have learned in my experience online. I have bought many online scam products online over the last 3 years. Unfortunately, when I started out to try and earn money online, I did not realize how many scams there was. If I had found a website about ways to avoid scams online back then, I definitely would have saved a lot of money!

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I lost $7 500.00 in my online adventures over the last 3 years by not knowing these ways to avoid scams online. I have to say, not all was lost to scams, but by buying the ridiculous up-sells of online products, I wasted a lot of money! A lot of those systems and products never delivered and I always had to spend more money as well, after buying most of the up-sells!

Ok, so here the best ways to avoid scams online that I have found!

These are 9 ways to avoid scams online that I suggest you look at before you buy any online product. Especially if you are buying a product to work from home or to make money online.Review of Wealthy Affiliate Membership

  • That typical Video Only sale page.

This is a typical “GURU” trait that people use. They do this in order for you to watch the video so they can try and convince you to buy their product with their scammy sales pitches! By talking to people and promising them riches, people are much easier convinced to get involved in something. If there is only a Sales Video on a website, it is 99% of the time a scam. Seriously, don’t even consider buying it!

  • If there are No Contact Details or the contact form doesn’t work!

This is a very important factor. If you cannot get hold of the company before you actually buy the product, then you should move on! Seriously, if this the case, why should you give them your money then? Another scenario, if you are able to contact them and you don’t get a response within 24Hours, then the chances are very good that the product is a scam!

  • Real and True Product Support before you buy it!

This rule is kind of a global commonsense rule! I mean, if you are interested in buying a New BMW per say, you would like to find out the details 1st, right? So, this goes for any online product as well! As I mentioned earlier, if you cannot get any product support or do not get a response within 24 Hours, don’t buy the product!!

  • Look at what type of Pictures there are, especially Fake Images.

Look out for pictures of someone Sitting on a Beach with a Laptop, or some Big Mansion or Flashy cars. These are normally the 1st giveaways of online scams. These”Gurus” try and manipulate people by these pictures to show how and what lifestyle these products can supposedly  offer you!

  • The guy proclaims not to be a Guru!

These are the real scammers out there! If I guy in a video or on the sales page proclaims that he is not a Guru, I tell you, run for the hills! They are normally and I mean 99% of the time, the big scammers!

  • A product has a lot of Up-Sells that you get hammered with to buy!Money Making Scams - Ways to Avoid Scams Online

This is a very good sign that you should just stay away! Really, why do they advertise these awesome products for a cheap price and when you purchase it you must spend more money! Why do you have to spend so much extra money, if the sales page promised a complete product for a cheap price! Don’t waste your money like I have in the past! The up-sells are normally info etc. that you can get for free on the internet somewhere or with just a bit of research!

  • Oooo, the 60 Day money back guarantee!

Yes, I know, I do understand that you can get your money back if you don’t like the product. But, here’s the catch, all the money transfers back and forth from your bank account still costs you money! Another aspect is, when you buy a work from home product, especially if there are website building involved, you won’t know if the product works within 60 days. It takes any properly build website a few months to tart ranking in the search engines and then a while before you actually start getting traffic or visitors that you can earn an income from!

  • Those ridiculous Claims of Huge Incomes and Paychecks!

This is 1 of the most important ways to avoid scams online! There is no way that these claims of push button success can be true! Any real internet marketer will tell you this! Success online comes from hard work and dedication and as mentioned above, it takes a while before you start to earn a descent income!

  • Read peoples Reviews about the product 1st!

This is always a good way to see what different people say about a specific product! If the majority says it’s bad, then you better believe it! Look for Scam Reviews. Some people actually put Facebook pages to warn people of specific scams! But, some of these reviews can also be dodgy though, so be discerning about the info and make an informed choice!

So, there you have it! I hope my Ways of Avoiding Scams Online will help you in your online endeavors!

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I like to do Product Reviews, in order for You to make an informed Decision about these products! I hope to help YOU Avoid the SCAMS on the internet!


If you have Any Questions with regards to Ways to Avoid Scams Online, Please Leave a Comment Below and let’s discuss it, just keep it “Civil” please 🙂

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Kobus LouwWays to Avoid Scams Online

Comments 6

  1. Laura

    Wow, you’ve really hit the nail on the head with your warnings. I suspect everyone new to Internet Marketing falls prey to these things. I know that I did. As I read your comments, I just kept nodding my head, thinking “Been there, done that!” Wish I had seen this post before. Thanks for your efforts.

    1. Post
      Kobus Louw

      Hey Laura! Thank you very much! Sorry to hear that you have also fallen prey to some scams online! It really is a horrible feeling when you realize that you have bought into a scam and the stress you have to go through to try and get your money back! 🙁 I hope this post can help and warn people about scams or even just possible scams!

  2. Jazmin

    These scam artist are becoming more and more of a problem for those looking for a real opportunity to make a decent income online. Thank you for pointing out what to look for when searching for a real opportunity and what to stay away from.

    1. Post
  3. Graham Roberts

    I wish I had read your pages before being scammed by both Banners Broker and RevStar,
    what I don’t get is if the authorities know who run these scams why are they allowed to get away with it? Its the same with Binary Option brokers NRG Binary & Optimarkets to name but two and I know there are numerous others.
    I have lost literally thousands of $$$$ to these crooks and it does make you wonder if there are any legitimate businesses online.
    I obviously think very carefully now and do my due diligance, but i now work on the premiss if it sounds to good to be true its a scam simple as.
    Thanks keep up the good work.

    1. Post
      Kobus Louw

      Hi Graham,

      Its such a pity to hear about the scams you got scammed by. I truly feel for you.

      As you say, it’s interesting how the authoroties have not taken down these scams. To give you an idea how bad things are, I downloaded an app from Google Play, called the Clash Of Clans gem hack tool. After they stole my airtime and I reported them to Google Play, it took Google a week to get back to me and tell me it’s out of their hands!!!!

      I mean really? This app is still on Google Play! So yea, it seems the scammers are all getting away with things and we, the innocent who just wants to make life a bit easier for our selves just have to be content with it. It sucks!

      Out of all the scams and garbage on the net, I have only found Wealthy Affiliate to actually give what they advertise! NO strings attached!

      Good Luck man!

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