Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017- is it a Scam or legit?

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is it a Scam?
This Products Price –  Free Membership and $49 Premium Membership.

While the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership includes 2 Siterubix.com websites, the $49 p/m Premium Membership includes unlimited website hosting and access to all training materials and the University community. (When you open your Free WA Account there is an option to upgrade to Premium for only $19 for your 1st month and then $49 p/m there after. This option lasts for 7 days, which gives you enough time to see what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and make a calculated decision whether it is worth upgrading or not)

Who Owns This Product – Kyle & Carson.
Wealthy Affiliate Members Login or Signup – www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Any Up-sells after Purchase – Nothing at all.

Readers Overall Rating – 98/100

What is Wealthy Affiliate about?

What is Wealthy Affiliate about? Well, Wealthy Affiliate University, it is one of the best affiliate marketing programs on the internet today. The owners, Kyle and Carson have been helping people create successful online businesses since 2005. It has the most comprehensive Training Material and it has outstanding community support

In my Wealthy Affiliate Review, you will see this is not a SCAM! I will show you exactly what it’s all about. Is this brilliant platform for you or not?

In the training courses and classrooms, you will be taught how to take your passions in life and turn them into a Profitable Online Business. Whether you are a beginner to starting a business online or whether you have some good experience of working online already. What sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from the rest?  The hands on Video Courses where Kyle actually builds a website and you can duplicate what he’s is doing.

That’s just the start of it! You also get to be part of a huge community. Who are always very willing to help and support anyone who might have questions or are perhaps stuck in some way.

My PROS & CONS of the Wealthy Affiliate University

Simply put, I am yet to find any CONS for Wealthy Affiliate University. The reason for that is because it covers a few very important factors. It’s the least you would expect from any Online Training / Course Platform that you join.

Professional, High Quality Training and Course Material 99/100

Detailed Training Examples that Outlines Every Step 99/100

Active Support from an Awesome Community 98/100

It has Professional, High Quality Training and Course Material. It gives you detailed examples and it outlines every step to building an online business. Most importantly, it has Active Support in case you are stuck with something.

The Pros of Wealthy Affiliate

The Professional Affiliate Training and Courses:

The thing we all read about when we are looking for a way to make money online is that we have to build a website. Then that website gets traffic and that traffic converts into money in your pocket, Right? How do you actually do this then? Well the Wealthy Affiliate training will teach you exactly how to get started online and do this!

Also, it shows you exactly how this process works. You will be shown how to choose a Niche. How to do Keyword research for that Niche. Then how to Build a Website (You online Business) for that Niche.
Wealthy Affiliate also teaches you how to turn the visitors to your Website into Converting Traffic that brings in money for you.

Each one of the courses has comprehensive Training Videos. With tasks that you can complete as well. To get you the hands on experience that you need. There are also loads of extra tutorials and in-depth information provided about online marketing for you. This covers everything that you would need to know about affiliate marketing. Just what you need on  how to grow your online business.

A great thing about WA is that some of these tutorials are actually from the users them self’s. Who’s been having great success online. They share what they have experienced in order for everyone at WA to benefit! Isn’t that just awesome? People sharing their “Secrets” to success!

The platform of WA has an awesome Drop Down Menu list. It allows you to search for specific topics. In addition to that, you can ask questions in the menu as well. This allows the other WA members to answer your questions and help you with your specific needs.

Professional Detailed Affiliate Training Examples:

This is what makes WA stand out from the crowd for me. Each lesson or course has detailed Videos. Kyle (a Co-Owner) actually shows you step by step how to complete the lessons/courses and the task at hand. This allows you to apply and implement what the lesson teaches you to your own website. This is great for all of the lessons that you go through. It gives you an idea of how to adapt each lesson to your own specific niche and website.

Pretty much each lesson comes with a “How to” Video. A Written Tutorial with screen shots of the lesson implemented on a website. The lessons also branches out to related training tutorials. Blogs from WA members and on topic discussion boards. It also gives you an opportunity to ask questions at the bottom of each lesson. WA members are always keen to answer any questions that someone may have.

The Awesome Community:

This is what puts WA on a whole different level to any other training program out there! What really amazed me right from the start, is how the 2 owners, Kyle and Carson interacts with the community. They are so helpful, and more often than not, they will answer your Questions in person! They are very supportive to people and they are always willing to help! You can even send them private messages to which they always respond! NO other Training program out there has kind of Community Support!

With this strong community support system that is built into the WA platform, it is so easy to get help and motivation. From 10 000’s of members when you are stuck or when you just need a bit of motivation for your projects!

 The Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

I have not been able to find anything bad about Wealthy Affiliate to date! 🙂

Who is the Wealthy Affiliate University for?

It is for anybody who wants to build an online business and who wants to earn an income online. The simplicity of the system and platform and training will teach any Beginner where and how to get started. Even if you have some, or lots of experience about online business. You will still be able to pick up on so many more tips and training, to be even more successful online.

When you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate you will access to me personally if you need any help or advice! I am always willing to help anyone out! Check out my WA Profile at the top of the page.

The Training / Tools overview of the Wealthy Affiliate University

WA has the option of 2 different Memberships:

The Free Account with 2 Websites. The Premium Account with unlimited website hosting (As many websites as you want).

The Free Account Includes the following Training and Tools:

  • Getting Started. (level 1).
  • Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website. (level 2).
  • Making Money. (level 3).
  • Mastering Social Engagement. (level 4).
  • The Business Of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Creative Content Creation. (level 5).

The Premium Account Includes the following Training and Tools:

You get all of the above training from the Free account. Also, the Affiliate Bootcamp training with WA’s own awesome Keyword Tool and access to Jaaxy. It’s the best Keyword Tool on the market! You also get full access to the Whole Community Platform.

  • Start your foundation. (Phase 1).
  • Content, Keywords and Conversions. (Phase 2).
  • Giving your site social value. (Phase 3).
  • Get Visual, get Aesthetic. Get a brand through media. (Phase 4).
  • Knowing your Audiences & Catapulting your referrals. (Phase 5).
  • Bing, Yahoo and the power of PPC. (Phase 6).
  • How to scale successful PPC Campaigns. (Phase 7).

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Support like?

There is no question about it. This is the most supportive community and support system that I have come across on the internet. Even the Owners are allowing you to contact them personally! They always respond with great help and motivation!

How much does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

You can Sign up for Free (2 Free websites and Training included). You can start building your 1st website today! Alternatively, if you would like to have access to everything that the WA platform provides. Sign up for the Premium Account for $19 for the 1st Month.

There is no doubt that Wealthy affiliate is the best Online Business Training Program on the internet! It surpasses all the other products I have come across online. It will only take you on the path of Financial Success Online!

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